2017 Season

May 20th  through  October 9th

Thursday – Monday

Departures at 9am,  Noon,  & 3pm


Enjoy the unique experience of PEDALING  a one-of-a-kind four seated pedal powered rail bicycle along an inactive portion of the Port of Tillamook Bay Rail Road.  Oregon Coast Railriders is located West of Hwy 101 in Bay City on Hayes Oyster Drive. Turn left just before the tracks. The  first season began May 26, 2016. Operating on Oregon’s beautiful coast, Oregon Coast  Railriders is perfect for group events, nature enthusiasts, birders, bicyclists, and rail fans.   All are sure to relish the peace and tranquility.

Pedal 12 miles  round trip from Bay City to Tillamook.

2 hours, 12 miles round trip
$22 per person / 12 years and older
$10 / 11 years and younger when accompanied by an adult.
Departures: 9 a.m., Noon, 3 p.m.


Please use the “Book A Reservation” button to book.

If you need assistance with our booking process please contact us at info@ocrailriders.com or at 541-910-0891 or 541.910.0089

This is a great group activity and definitely a must do adventure. Great gift for a special person or occasion.

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  1. Yes, 280 pounds per person is the maximum.
    Our equipment is not able to withstand anything greater.

  2. We are looking forward to your smiles and giggles as you pedal the rails through Tillamook county across estuaries teaming with birds and historic rail road bridges to enjoy the special treat for the view from the rails. Happy Railriding.

  3. Loved the railrider experience while visiting Joseph. Can’t wait to try the new one at the Coast. Lots of fun.

  4. Those who enjoy the out of doors, nature, peace and tranquility will love the novelty of pedaling on an inactive railroad a custom designed rail bicycle. Our recumbent style seats are adjustable to accommodate just about everyone. Two to four guests per railrider.
    No doubt about it, playing on this rail line is an awesome experience.

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