Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make a reservation? Do I need to make a reservation?
 Click  “Book A Reservation” or follow the  link below to check availability and make your reservation. Reserved seats have priority.   Onsite tickets sales are limited to seat availability.
 2. Where are you located?
Oregon Coast Railriders are located in 5400 Hayes Oyster Drive, Bay City, Oregon 97107.   We are  West of Highway 101, left side  before the tracks.  The giant pile of oyster shells is sure to guide you to us. Park between the fence and the  railroad tracks. Look on our location page for a map and more information.
 3. How long does it take and how far do we go.
It takes  about two hours on average, depending on  the group size.  We pedal 6 miles to Tillamook and then turn around and pedal back 6 miles to Bay City. Round trip is about 12 miles.
 4. How do we turn around?
The guides use a platform to rotate to  each railrider  to reverse our direction. We travel back the same way we came.
 5.  Are there guides that go with us on the trip?
Yes there will be two  guides on every trip.  One guide rides in the front  and one guide rides in the back of the tour . Guides  help with the  five  main road crossings,   turn the railriders around, and  help with any other issues that may arise. 
 6.  Are there Size and Age restrictions?
Seats are adjustable for different heights.  We ask that each guest weigh 280 pounds or less. We have had babies  to mid-eighty-year-olds ride the rails. If you are physically capable of sitting and part of a family or group then other  group members  can help you pedal if they are willing.  Babies  and  small toddlers can ride in a car seat (that you provide us) attached to a Railrider seat.  Infants can also ride on their parent’s lap or in a front pack at no cost. However with larger babies and toddlers it more comfortable if they ride in a car seat next to you. Please arrive 40 minutes  early if you choose to use a car seat and let our guides know so they can secure it on  a railrider for you. Older toddlers, at the parents discretion, can ride without a car seat but may not be able to  reach the peddles.  Each person pedals independently.
7. How strenuous is this activity? Are there hills?
This is a two hour  self pedaled   round trip excursion.  Railriding is a physical sport that does require some effort but most guests are up to the physical task.  With that said however, all the pedals are free wheel.  Strong guests can help the less able guests if all agree to the arrangement. Yes, there are small  rolling hills. There is an average 1/2 % grade on this trip.
8.  Can I bring my dog/pet?
We love dogs, but no,  it is not safe. We have too many enticing cows and squirrels to chase and too many opportunities for your pet to get injured.
9.  What is the minimum/maximum number of people on a Railrider?
Each unit seats four guests with a  maximum of four or a minimum of one  per unit. We are capable of taking up to  38 people per departure.  Seating is first come first serve.  We make every effort to seat you with your party, let us know so that we can try to do that.  But depending on how many guests are scheduled,  you  may be asked to share a unit with new friends or a guide. This is all part of the adventure.

10. Cancellation and Rain Policy?                                                                        Credit will be given for your future reservations if you  need to cancel. If you are tardy  or the weather is bad there is no refund. We will reschedule if that works best you.   Tours depart rain or shine.  Please dress for the weather.  A light rain jacket is excellent to help ward off the bad weather.  Usually the Oregon Coast rain is light so we’ve had many successful outings in the rain. Weather  predictions are just that a prediction.   It does not always rain if it is predicted. It is very rare to not go.