1. Print, sign and bring your waiver if you made reservations online.   We will collect them when you sign in. Thanks.

2. There are portable toilets near the ticket area and  at the turn around point for your use.

3. Let us know if you have a special celebration so we can celebrate with you.

4. Yes, reservations are advised especially if you are on a schedule or part of a large group. Online reservations:  http://www.ocrailrides.com

5. Yes you can purchase tickets on site but we can not guarantee availability  Our most popular months are July and August.

6. We strive to depart at your scheduled departure time. Early arrival is better than missing your tour.

7. Yes we may sell your seat if you are late. Boy wouldn’t that ruin your day.

8. Change happens. You can reschedule  or we give you credit for your next visit.  Credit vouchers are good for two seasons. 

9. Let us know 48 hours in advance of your date with us if you have a change in your reservations.

10. Infants and young children whose feet do not touch the pedals must ride in a car seat.

11. We will attach your car seat to our chair. Please come 30 minutes early, this does take extra time.

12. Our seats are adjustable.  Staff will adjust the seat for you.

13. Yes you must wear a seat belt at all times when sitting on the railrider.

14.  No you can not intentionally bump other railriders.

 15, Yes you must stop at all road crossings and cross at the direction of your guides BUT you make the final judgement  before crossing ANY intersecting road.

16. We run in incremental weather; hot, cold, rain and wind so come prepared.

17. You can expect to see shore birds, farm animals, cross estuaries on an historic trestles, crop lands, conifer groves, pedal under a Maple tree canopy,  pass behind the Tillamook cheese factory, peek at the bay, and possibly pedal along the Nehalem River. Each of our THREE tours has something special for you to enjoy.

18. Drinking water and sun protection are advised and available for purchase.

19. Sorry no coolers are allowed.

20. Yes your keys, phone and loose change will FALL OUT of your pocket when you pedal. Finding your stuff is hard.

21. No smoking  or use of mind altering drugs or alcohol. Thank you for your understanding.

22. Railriding is a physical sport. Yes all guests are expected to pedal unless you have prior arrangements with your group members and guide.

23. Please pedal at a sustainable pace so that you will be able to complete the tour, so not too fast and not too slow. 🙂  Gradient change is 1/2% or flat really.

24. Yes we know that you LOVE your pet but it is not safe for pets on the railriders. 

 25, The maximum weight is 250 lbs per seat. Weight over this limit is unsafe for you, your fellow unit users and our equipment.

26. There is a  $200 breakage fee if  it is determined that you  damaged  the equipment because of misuse or abuse. 

27. You can only get off  at the turn around point. Photos on the move are still good.

28. Your guides will rotate the railriders for the return trip and you can use the porta potty if you need to.

29. Yes you can pedal all three options  between Bay City and Wheeler in one day,  it just takes some planning. We do not think that a Trifecta should only be limited to horse events.

30. We encourage you to take pictures and share your fun on social media.

31. Make memories railriding.   Railriding is a WONDERFUL group activity. Celebrate your birthday, wedding, personal success or who knows what on a railrider.  How about a team building event?

32. Children love to railride. 

33. Yes you will feel Proud of yourself for pedaling the rails with us.

34. Railrider Cycling Adventure Club.  Pedal five different tours  of our six opportunities among our affiliates  for a FREE adult two hour tour ticket.  Yes you can do it!

35. More railriding at jbrailriders.com and vcrailriders.com.  Come Join the Adventure!

36. Contact us at info.ocrailriders@gmail.com if we did not answer your question.