Kim and Anita Metlen

Hello! Welcome to the official website of the Oregon Coast Railriders.

We are Kim and Anita Metlen, owners of Oregon Coast Railriders, Coquille, Oregon.

Cycling is our passion! We owned and operated Mountain Works Bicycles in La Grande for several years, before selling the shop to our daughter and her husband, Mavis and Whitfield Hartz. We have long been involved with the development of bicycle tourism in northeast Oregon and across the state. We were leaders in the development and designation of the Grande Tour Scenic Bikeway, under a program of Travel Oregon and the Oregon Department of Parks & Recreation.

As advocates for fitness and fans of history and nature, we researched Railriders in other parts of the world and discovered a similar business in other parts of the globe.With help from local manufacturing companies, Kim redesigned and fabricated the rail units to serve our vision.

Our specially designed aluminum wheel, with a polyurethane rolling surface, are available for sale! Please visit https://railridercycling.com/ for more information and ordering.

The new Railriders were first tested on the rail line fall of 2013. After acquiring permission from the Wallowa Union Railroad Authority, Joseph Branch Railriders became reality, and in 2022 we opened our newest location in Coquille Oregon.

We’d love to have you come Join the Railriding Adventure today!

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