Tickets purchases within 12 hours prior to your chosen departure time must be purchased on site.
The website will appear full and NOT accept any online tickets sales.

2 hour-10 mile round trip pedal.
$40 per person
Youth organizations are $30 per ticket regardless of age. Two, 18 and older chaperones required for groups up to a total of 38 riders. Documentation required to prove that they are a youth organization. Each participant must read and sign a waiver. Parental signatures required for each minor as well.
Departures: 9 a.m., Noon, 3 p.m.

Closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

To make a reservation  or check availability please click this button:

book Now

Online reservations are suggested but onsite ticket purchases are welcome. If the system does not  let you pick a date or time, then that time slot is full or you are requesting more slots than available.  Please choose another date or time. Online reservations close at midnight the day before departure. Space may still be available unless it shows full. For Day of  tickets please check in at the ticket office. Onsite ticket sales are limited to  seat availability.

Arrive 25 minutes prior to your departure time. We strive to leave at our scheduled departure time.  There are many issues which can cause travel delays, please allow plenty of travel time. No credit will be available if you miss your departure. Unclaimed tickets may be resold 15 minutes prior to departure.

If you need assistance with our reservation system please email or call 541.786.8205.

The office phone is active only during our season.

Mother Nature Events

We will depart in light rain and wind. Weather predictions are just that predictions.  We suggest you bring a light rain coat  to ward off the inclement weather.   It is a RARE day that we can not run but we will reschedule if necessary.

Cancellation  Policy

  • Reschedule for another available date or time.
  • Credit for a cancellation is upon request.
  • Credit is good for two seasons.
  • No refunds.
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